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Don Bullis retired in 2002 after a career in New Mexico law enforcement that included stints as county sheriff’s deputy and detective sergeant, town marshal, state organized crime commissioner, and criminal intelligence operational supervisor.  He was a small-town newspaper editor before he entered law enforcement.  He lives in Rio Rancho, NM with his wife, Gloria.Don is a Sergeant with the NM Dept of Public Safety and is also a Western History Writer.
 He writes a weekly column for the Rio Rancho Observer. Don is the author of the Old West Trivia Book and NM's Finest: Police Officers Killed In The Line of Duty. His latest  book is Bloodville.

On Bloodville:

What Don Bullis has done with this novel is intertwine a very accurate weave of murder, police and politics in New Mexico.  Don is the single most knowledgeable writer on New Mexico law enforcement history, practices and personalities.  He should be – he’s worked for many years in New Mexico state and local policing.  Bloodville has the steel on steel ring of unflinching truth told in a style and setting which makes this book difficult to lay aside for silliness such as meals or work.  Outstandingly entertaining, thoroughly accurate and sobering as well – I recommend Bloodville to folks both inside and outside policing.
    -William Kuehl
William Kuehl is a former New Mexico State Police captain, a retired municipal police administrator and has directed local, state and international law enforcement academies.

Bloodville --Read Chapter one

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Other Books by Don Bullis

Don Bullis is the author of New Mexico’s Finest: Peace Officers Killed in the Line of Duty (New Mexico Department of Public Safety, 1990), which details the circumstances surrounding the on-duty deaths of 160 New Mexico peace officers.  The Third Edition was published in 1999.  He also wrote The Old West Trivia Book (Gem Guide Books, 1993), which details many little known facts about the American West.  It went into its second printing in 1998.  He currently writes a weekly newspaper column on the history of New Mexico and the Southwest called “Ellos Pasaron Por Aquí.”


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